Moo Soon Chong Student Leader Scholarship Donation Form





捐款说明:请用支票捐款,并填妥捐款表格,寄交圣公会中学校友会。地址:600 Upper Changi Road, Singapore 487012。支票抬头为:Anglican High School Alumni Association

“Moo Soon Chong Student Leader Scholarship” Fundraiser

The late Mr Moo Soon Chong dedicated 31 years of his lifetime to Anglican High School. During the 18 years of his leadership as principal, Anglican High School flourished as a school well known for excelling in both its academic and extra-curricular achievements. A firm believer that the best education one can receive is one that must be holistic and balanced, Mr Moo put in place a system of education which placed equally strong emphasis on academic studies, extra-curricular activities, leadership development and character building in the nurturing of all his students. Countless students of Anglican High School have benefitted as a result.

To honour his extraordinary contribution to Anglican High School, the Anglican High School Alumni Association has set up the “Moo Soon Chong Student Leader Scholarship” which will be awarded annually to Anglican High School students who have displayed exemplary academic, extra-curricular and leadership qualities in school. The target under this fundraiser for the “Moo Soon Chong Student Leader Scholarship” has been set at $550,000. The Anglican High School Alumni Association hopes that this fundraiser will receive all alumni and former teachers’ warmest support so as to promulgate and perpetuate the pedagogical ideals of Mr Moo in our alma mater.

To make a donation:
Please fill in the Donation Form and send it together with your cheque by post to the following address: Anglican High School Alumni Association, 600 Upper Changi Road, Singapore 487012. Cheques to be made payable to: Anglican High School Alumni Association.


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