Upcoming Events

We will be celebrating Anglican High School’s 60th Anniversary this year in 2016. Come join us in the upcoming activities to celebrate these 60 years of excellence!AHS 60 Homecoming dinner.JPG

Visit this page for more details of the AHS60 Homecoming Dinner.


2 (1)2 (2)CNY 2016CarnivalMusical

2015 AHS60 Musical Poster A3 v4

Link: http://ahschrysalis.wix.com/ahs60musical

Past Events

校友会会所感谢与启用仪式  Alumni Clubhouse Thanksgiving Reception(20 Sept 2014)

 photo Thanksgiving1.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving3.jpg

春节联欢会(每年举办)Annual Chinese New Year Lunch Celebration

 photo CNY2012.jpg

2008-CNY Gathering

2008-CNY Gathering

2008-CNY Gathering


 photo Emerald55_1.jpg

 photo Emerald55_2.jpg

 photo Emerald55_3.jpg

 photo Emerald55_4.jpg

2006-50th Anniversary Dinner

2006-50th Anniversary Dinner

品酒课(2008年)Wine Appreciation Workshop
2008-Wine Appreciation Course

2009-1979 Batch Gathering


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