Volunteer Recruitment 招募义工

We need volunteers in the following areas 急需招募以下义工:

1)      Sales and Marketing: publicity, poster design, exploring sales channels, communications, concepts and theme of the dinner etc. 行销组:宣传、海报设计、行销策略、设定晚宴主题等等。

2)      Logistics: Decoration and set up of the event venue. 后勤组:会场布置。

3)      Sponsorship and Gift: Find sponsors for the event and door gifts. 赞助组:寻找赞助商。

4)    Programme: Brainstorm dinner’s programme. 节目组:策划晚宴节目方案。

Those who are interested please email us the following 有兴趣的校友填好下列项目后请电邮本会:

1)   Name(Year of graduation )姓名(毕业年份)
2)   Handphone no 手机号码
3)   Areas of Interest 想参与的工作
1)   Tan Chun Meng (1990)
2)   90004567
3)   Sales and Marketing

Email address: ahs.alumni.association@gmail.com

Please support your Alma Mater! Please support us! 请多多支持!


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