One of the main objectives of the Alumni Association is to provide a channel through which ex-teachers and alumni can continue to keep in contact with each other, and also to connect with the association and hence the school. To do this, we organize the Chinese New Year Lunch every year for current and ex-teachers, as well as alumni. This year, the lunch was held on 27 February. We are honoured to have in attendance many retired teachers, and alumni from different graduating years. The school also lent its support to the event by having the Chinese Orchestra, Dance Society and Wushu Society put up a joint performance for our guests. One of our alumni, Mdm Choo Lian Liang, a former television producer, had recently published a Chinese bestseller book, Zhui Hong (Chasing the Rainbow). She came with her brother, Mr Choo Hua Hua (alumni and former teacher from Anglican High) to promote the book, and donated all the proceedings of the sale to the Alumni Association. We are grateful to her and her family for their generosity.

2010-CNY gathering


2010-CNY gathering

Our young alumni have also shown a great sense of affiliation to our school. Two of our graduates, Wee Soon Keong and Lim Jia-Min, who graduated in the year 2008, conceptualized a 3 Days 2 Nights Leadership Camp for our student leaders. The residential camp, which was held from 15 to 17 March 2010, was attended by 100 Secondary Three CCA Leaders, while some 30 alumni were involved in the planning, coordinating and executing of the camp. When asked on what motivated them to initiate this project, they humbly answered, “During our secondary school years, the school has provided us a great platform to develop our leadership potential. It is only right that we should set a good example for our aspiring juniors by practicing servant leadership and giving back to the school. We always believe that, ‘Intentions are not enough, actions are necessary.’ Hence, we decided to take the first step.” The camp was a success as both the organising committee and participants took home with them new friendship and fresh learning points. The organizing committee was also appreciative of their sponsors, PUB NEWater and Surre Photography, and teacher Mr Yeow Yong Keng for being their supervising teacher during the camp.

2010-Leadership Camp

2010-Leadership Camp

Apart from organising events, the alumni also supports the school in other ways. Our Alumni Association Treasurer, Mdm Ng Phek Mui, came to our school to join in our celebration for Partnership Day on 8th August. Besides attending the celebration programme, she was invited to participate in a simple Tree Planting Ceremony, together with other key partners of the school.

2010-Partnership Day

On Graduation Day, the school invited Mr Mok Wei Wei, Director of W Architects and graduand from 1974, to be the Guest of Honour for the event. Mr Mok shared with the staff and students about his personal experiences and memories in the school, on how these have helped and shaped him as a person. He also urged the students to do things that they have a passion for. We believe that such a personal sharing will truly inspire our students.

2010-Graduation Day

Finally, the Alumni Association is in the midst of preparing for a grand dinner in 2011, to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of our school. The association welcomes and encourages alumni to join us in our planning as we organize this event. For further enquiries, please contact us at, or visit our website at


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