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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. I do not have a group of 10, can I still sign up?
A. Yes of course! It will be free seating, so just come with your friends and find a table to settle down!

Q. I am not a member of the alumni association, can I still sign up?
A. Yes of course! We welcome everyone to join us!

Q. I cannot stay through out the duration of the event, should I still sign up?
A. Yes of course! Leave anytime you need too – you won’t miss anything, other than the opportunity to catch up with your friends

Q. Is the event full of ‘old’ people?
A. Certainly not! Every year we have a group of young adults joining us! Rest assured you won’t feel out of place, because you’d be with your friends!

Q. Will I get to see my teacher?
A. Some teachers will attend! During registration you can tell us if there’s any teachers you like to catch up with, and we will ask the teacher to come!

Q. What if my teacher is no longer teaching at AHS?
A. We can try to contact them! If not, you can also ask them to come along with you!

Q. Why should I go for this event?
A. Because it’s an opportunity for you return to school and have a look at it! Furthermore, at $20 you get to enjoy a buffet lunch, watch some performance and catch up with even more friends! Sure you can catch up with friends outside, but you will certainly be paying more, and at most you’d just be able to see a handful of friends! And if you were to have a gathering at someone’s home, you will have to trouble yourself to do the food preparation and cleaning! In this event, your job is to come eat and talk!

How to register:


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